Late one Sunday afternoon, in December of 1969, while listening to his brothers, Dwight and Leland, rehearsing a song to sing at church, 10 year old Dave Crandall entered the room and joined in. Surprised but welcoming, the brothers continued rehearsal in three part harmony with Dave. Although they couldn't persuade Dave to sing with them at their father, Rev. Melvin F. Crandall's church that Sunday evening, they later rehearsed around one microphone and an old guitar amp, preparing a song for the following week. So began the music ministry of the Crandall Brothers at North Vallejo Assembly of God in Vallejo, California.

Since that time, Dave's ministry in Christian music has taken him from his dad's church in California to touring the US and participating in foreign missions throughout the world.

Dave also performs as a solo singer. He is recognized for his smooth, baritone voice. While the Crandall Brothers are known for a more traditional southern style, Dave partakes in a variety of musical styles yet implants his own unique touch to every song. His passion of sharing his faith and testimony through music is evident in the lyrics of each song he records.

Dave is available for concerts, church services, banquets, and other occasions and has a special Christmas CD available, containing a great selection of old and new songs to enjoy during the Christmas season. Whether singing with a group or traveling on his own, Dave's continuous desire is to touch hearts and lives for Christ through his ministry in song.

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